Chris Cranke

Chris Cranke is the Creator and founder of the True Form Training System. He was born and raised in the Washington Metropolitan area. Growing up he was involved in sports at an early age. From basketball, football, and boxing. As a teenager Chris attended Duval High. During his high school years Chris ran track and was a standout football player. He was talented enough to attract several division 1 and division 1 AA colleges. He eventually chose to accept a full ride football scholarship to Hofstra University.

At his time at Hofstra, Chris was an outstanding special teams player. He was known for several big hits during Kick offs. He only played for a season and a half before getting sidelined by injury. Unfortunately, Chris would never be able to play organized football again. During his playing days Chris was known as a passionate and aggressive player. Although he would never play organized team sports again, his passion for sports never waned.

As the years passed, Chris would often involve himself in pick-up basketball games. At one time Chris would play basketball up to 3 times a day. It was during these rigorous pick-up basketball sessions, Chris pondered an idea. He wondered what if there was a way to play basketball once a day but get the results as if you played it three times a day. Then he thought what if there was a way to use this model and apply it to any sport or athletic/fitness movement. To accomplish this idea there should be a wearable device the athlete could wear during workouts, practice sessions and scrimmages to intensify their efforts. The device needed to be mobile. It should be able to move with the athlete in any direction he or she wills themselves to go. It should be light weight. It should not be stationary or involve cumbersome equipment. It should involve some form of progressive resistance to maximize intensity. As Chris compiled all of these essential factors, this is when the True Form Training System was born.


Daniel Schreiber

Daniel Schreiber graduated from Duke University in 1985, where he earned a BA in economics and played varsity football.  Subsequent to graduating from Duke, he spent two years working on Wall Street before returning to school to earn a MBA from the The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  Shortly thereafter, Daniel founded Cornerstone Investment Properties, a real estate investment and management firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of multi-family properties.  He grew Cornerstone’s portfolio to six properties producing revenues of over $5 million and valued at over $35 million.   In 2006 and 2007, Daniel sold five of the six properties for approximately $26 million.

From 2007 through 2011, Daniel was a professional photographer, specializing in editorial photography for local and regional magazines.  His photographs have appeared in Washingtonian, Bethesda, Maryland Life and Virginia Living magazines, among others, as well as in the Washington Post.

In late 2012, Daniel met Chris Cranke, inventor of the True Form training system.  As a former college football player and multi-sport athlete, he immediately recognized the training benefits of the True Form system and its potential to reach a vast market of fitness enthusiasts, from the elite athlete to the casual exerciser.  Daniel agreed to partner with Chris and to add his business expertise to the launching of the True Form athletic training system.